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I Googled when to change transmission fluid on a 2006 Toyota Corolla and Internet sources said every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. However, the Toyota owners manual that came with the car doesn’t mention changing the transmission fluid. I had my transmission fluid changed once since i got it in 2006. The car has around 277,000 miles now. The car drives fine. It’s just rusty and the paint is faded and the air conditioning doesn’t work. I have the engine oil changed every 6 months or 5,000 miles. Am i maintaining the car OK?

I change trans fluid every 30,000. You do 10,000 a year so that is $100 to have a shop do it every three years.


Got it thanks

It is always better to over maintain than under. Every 60K should be fine.


Going against the grain here . 277000 miles , rust , and other problems . Why change the fluid now ? I thought you were looking for a different vehicle 2 years ago .

I’ll hoping to buy a brand new Corolla (same make and model) in about a year or 2 years). Maybe trade this one in

It sounds as though this car is reaching the end of its useful life. I have often advised customers that there comes a time when preventive maintenance (other than safety items) should be deferred and to be prepared to replace the car. That’s what I would recommend to you.


A new Corolla has nothing in common with your 2006 . Since you live in Hawaii maybe an electric vehicle might be a better choice.

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I should start saving up for a down-payment on a new car

As far as an electric vehicle I would be only able to charge it at a public charging station (few and far between) since I’m renting a room and don’t have access to charging overnight at my home.

I’d say you are doing a pretty good job. You must be, otherwise no way to reach 277K miles on original engine & transmission (presumably). My friend’s Corolla had an indication in the engine compartment that the transmission fluid was good for the life of the car. But that depends on what “the life of the car means”. Generally for a gently driven car, a transmission fluid & filter refresh every 30K to 50 K seems like a better plan.

Yes original engine and transmission

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