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Transmission Repairs

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla with 145,500 miles on it. I have owned the car for 4 years and never have had any transmission work done on it. My mechanic mentioned to me when I got my oil changed that I should have the trasmisson looked at. My owners manual doesn’t go above 140,000 with routine maintenance needs. What should I have looked at and possibly replaced?

Manual or automatic?

If it says to do a transmission service at 50K, it means “every 50K”.
If it has been a while since you’ve had the transmission fluid and its filter changed, do that. Don’t do a flush, though.
If it isn’t broke, don’t start looking for problems.

Every transmission needs maintenance, even those with ‘lifetime’ fluids in them. Toyota recommends a fluid change eery 30,000 miles for a 2006 Corolla with the manual shift transmission, and 60,000 miles for the automatic. If your not sure the fluid was changed at 120,000, I’d consider doing it. Cheap insurance.

When the owner’s manual service schedule ends at a certain mileage, you start over from the beginning. I believe the service schedule ends at 120,000 miles. This becomes your new 0 miles. The next service interval, 5,000 miles, should be done at 125,000 miles.

The manual for my 2006 Matrix (essentially a Corolla) calls for no manual transmission service unless it’s used for towing.
I don’t recall what it says for automatics.

That said, I recommend (and I do) drain and refill either auto or manual every 30K miles.

I would drop the pan and change the filter too…