2017 Toyota Corolla CVT owner experiences?

I m looking at buying a 2017 Toyota Corolla CVT LE. Does anyone have any experience with this car. How is the transmission? Any issues?

Some folks who were used to conventional automatics weren’t happy with the CVT when that version came out. I rented a CVT equipped Corolla a couple of years ago, I don’t remember what year it was but it was close to a 2017 if not that exact year. Anyway, I liked the car. I own a 2009 and it felt very familiar. Corollas are generally reliable but the determining factor is always how the car was maintained.

Go here for that info:

Doesn’t look like too many but the car’s only 3 years old.

I have a 2015 Corolla with CVT. The ‘shifting’ is different from a traditional transmission but easy to get used to. A non mechanical person won’t even notice.

I have 68k miles with out a problem. The car has been super reliable, only oil changes brakes and tires. I would have no hesitation buying another Corolla. Before you buy yours, have a mechanic check it out, best ~$100 you will spend.

I do have a problem with the rear window defogger not working but I suspect a broken wire somewhere, have not had time to track that down yet.

Toyota and Honda makes one of best CVT transmission on the market.