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2019 Honda Civic - CVT question

What’s the real story on CVT

My mechanic tells me to stay away from them. Costly to maintain and repair/replace.

Maintain them as per the severe service schedule . . . which is every 25K or 30K, I believe . . . and the cvt will likely last as long as you own the car

That said, if you plan on owning the car 20 years, it might not last that long

Then again, even a regular automatic transmission might need an overhaul if you keep a car long enough

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Stay away and get what? Hyundai has had recent trouble with its DCT automatic, Honda is just getting over a long rash of conventional automatic transmission issues in multiple models. Toyota’s Tacoma automatic is driving owners crazy. Buy a stick if you like,and if you can find one. Then get killed on resale value later. If CVTs are less reliable than other automatics I have not seen the proof. There’s no going back now. CVTs are a big MPG gain for automakers.

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