2017 Kia Sportage - 3 window regulators

2017 sportage XL- window regulators also stopped working all with in the last 3 months. Not sure what the problem is. Has not been listed as a recall.

it could be a fuse, relay or the master switch on the drivers door.

Recalls are for safety issues. A bad window regulator is clearly annoying but not a safety problem. Kias seem to have issues with regulators for some reason.

It’s unknown as to whether this is a power supply problem, window motor problem, or window regulator problem.

If the assumption is that it is a regulator problem it could be because those regulators are cable operated. Cable operated regulators (fairly common) seem to be much more prone to problems than a conventional scissors regulator.
Cable is lighter and cheaper so that is why; mainly the latter as production costs are what rules everything.

There’s a “service action” tsb for the window regulator drum gear for some 2017 model year Sportages, SA418. You might try Googling that number to read what it says.

Why do you think the problem is window regulators? Just b/c the window doesn’t go up and down properly doesn’t imply its the window regulator. What is problem you are experiencing?

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Went to a window place and they told me the regulators were the problem. All window regulators started off with the windows not being able to go back up, but you can still hear the motor. Very annoying. Other family members have Kias older than mine and they haven’t had this issue. Called Kia corporate and they said I have to go to the dealership to get it fixed and no guarantee they will reimburse the bill. They did not provide any guidelines on what they base reimbursements on.

I expect they mean they can’t say for sure about reimbursement until after they’ve inspected the vehicle.