Window Regulators and repair manuals

I was just wondering if anyone might happen to know where I can get some new window regulators at for a 2000 Kia Sportage outside of the dealership. I’m also trying to find repair manuals for this car as well, but so far I am not having much luck with either.

I just had some glass replaced on my car due to vandalism that happened in Feburary of 2008, but because I did not have the money to get the windows replaced right away the rain got into the doors and apparently shorted out the window regulators. 3 out of the four windows do not roll down at the moment because of it and the fourth one is pretty iffy as well.

This car has seen alot of damage because of vandals and theives and I’m trying to not only get the car fixed, but to also find ways of protecting it so that it does not happen again.

They have them at, which also means they can probably get them at any local auto parts stores. You could also try if you want to try some used ones.

If you register at there’s free service manuals, and your local library might also have them on their website as well. Though these online manual services are often a little vague about body repairs, so if they’re no help you might try to find a factory service manual on eBay.

Nothing short of a garage is going to stop people from breaking your windows. Perhaps reconsider where you park. Or get comprehensive coverage.

I see some window regulators listed on, but I don’t see then on I’m not sure if I am looking in the right places at all.

On rockauto the only thing that they seem to have is the repair manuals. I have tried autozone and Checker in the past for the repair manual, but for some reason they just don’t have it at all.

From what I have noticed relating to this car is that trying to find just about anything for it is almost impossible outside of the dealer unless it is a common part like spark plugs and things like that. It’s bad enough that the car seems to be hard to shop for, but when vandals do the type of damage that they did, then that only tends to make matters worse.

I would park it in a better area, but unfortunately that doesn’t exist as I live in a bad neighborhood and a lot of this damage occured while I was parked at home minding my own business.

Look under “body-interior”. They’re about $75. And I see that they only have the front.

The Autozone site lets you see online manuals for free under “repair guides” once you register.

Was that on Rockauto that you saw that or that you saw that? I’m just wondering because I looked on rockauto for it and did not see it there at all. The closest thing them seem to show is stuff for Ford and other cars, but not for Kia.

I’m also wondering if you might happen to know as to what I might need to do to get the car to shut up when the door is open. When the door is open, it chimes as if you had left the keys in the ignition or the headlights on but neither is the case.

Just a few months ago someone tried to steal my car and in the process they broke the ignition lock cylinder. I’ve checked with the dealer for the part and they are saying that it is going to cost $222.28 for it and it is special order only. If there is some place that I can get it cheaper then that would be great, but at the moment I just don’t know as to where to go to get it. I have checked with autozone on it, but the don’t carry it at all.

I did notice that after they broke the ignition cylinder lock that the dome light and the cigarette lighter did not work. I checked the fuses and found one fuse that was blown that was causing that and I fixed that already, but I have not figured out as to how to fix the rest.

Before my windows were broken and my tires slashed the only real problems that I had with the car was a performance problem which was the result of the primary catalytic convertor being clogged. We got that cleaned out and that helped solve that problem. It still needs to be replaced because it is not providing enough back pressure to keep the light off on the dashboard. Outside of that the only other real problem that I had with the car was that the volume control on the factory installed radio was broken off and that is the way that I got the car when I bought it in 2006.

It’s not a bad little car, but it is so hard to find parts or to even get accurate repair info for the car.

Eventually I would like to trade the car in for something that is bigger and that is an automatic, but due to the economy and the job market right now that is difficult to do especially with bad credit.