2017 Jeep Patriot starting issue

I have a 2017 Patriot. I left my lights on and it would not start. I turned the lights off and it started right up. Drove across town and went into the bank and it started right up. Went to leave work and it would not start. Got it jumped and drove home and let it run for about 10min in the driveway. Turned it off and it would not start. While waiting for a battery charger it would not start once and without doing anything to it it started (not on its own just no intervention).

10 minutes is not enough time for recharging . If you are able check all the battery connections for clean and secure connections . Use a charger for enough time that it shows done. Also if you are in the US most Auto Zone stores will check the battery and if you need one they might even replace it while you are there . There is not a wide gap in prices most of the time so don’t beat your brains out over the cost.

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And, the same could be said about Advance Auto.

A couple of years ago, my Auto Zone battery’s warranty was almost up, so–just to play it safe–I went there for a free battery check about 2 weeks before the warranty would have expired. Within less than 5 minutes, one of their guys came out to test my battery, and the meter read “FAIL”. He said to give him a few minutes, and–sure enough–in less than 5 minutes he was back with a brand-new comparable battery, which I received without cost.

I tried to give the Auto Zone guy a few bucks for his prompt and courteous service, but he declined it.
He said he would appreciate it if I would give him a positive rating on their website, so as soon as I returned home, I did just that.

On a three year old car the battery should not “normally” be shot . Also in modern cars if you leave any lights whether interior or headlights the BCM will shut these off automatically within like 20 minutes if the car is not running so I’m not sure what the problem would be if the battery does not fix it .

You might need the dealer to do a computer reflash or software upgrade.

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