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Car will not start

The car had not been driven for a week. I went to drive it yesterday and it would not start. I noticed that the lights button had been on all this time.

I had a friend give me a boost and the car started right up. I drove to the one store and when I got back into the car to leave the car would not start.

Had to call to get another boost.

Do I need a new battery or something.

You need to put the battery on a charger and let it charge the battery for at least 5 hours. The battery then should be checked to see what the condition of it is. You may need to replace it, but then it may be ok for awhile.

Thanks, where do I get a charger

Any discount auto parts store or plain discount store will have chargers. If the battery was old and dead for a weak, you might have killed the battery. If you don’t know much about cars and electricity, I suggest you take the car somewhere to have the battery charged and tested.

The terminals usually need cleaning after one of these events. Wear eye protection (at least) when you work on your battery.