2011 Jeep Patriot

My jeep is 6 months old. From day one it has erratic starter problems. Often when starting it, the starter keeps on cranking after I let go of the key! The ignition switch visually returns to the run position, but is electronicaly stuck in start mode. When this happens I quickly shut off the ignition and try again. Jeep cant duplicate the problem, and says Chrysler has no bullitens about this. Anyone ?? I am In the Cleveland Ohio area if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks

Sounds like a defective starter or starter relay. I’d see if the dealer will replace these items as an act of good faith.

Yep…look into that starter relay. YOu can test this by pulling the starter relay and then jumpering poles 30 and 87 with a jumper wire… These are the two poles that the relay connects and breaks when you need to start the vehicle. If you use the wire method…just turn the key all the way on… jumper the poles and when it fires up…pull the wire…does it stay engaged still? If so then it is binding up mechanically and the starter may need to be shimmed slightly… Maybe your starter bolts are loose and the starter body is now in a bad position? You have a few things to look into…so check them out and let us know.

Chrysler products have had a automatic start feature since 2007, when you turn the key to the start position for just a moment and release the starter continues to crank until the engine starts.

In your case does the starter crank the engine but fail to start (the starter will crank for 10 seconds after you release the key before it times out when failing to start) or does the starter stay engaged while the engine is running?