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2009 Jeep Liberty Starting Issue

I have a 2009 Jeep Liberty with 43,000 miles which many times in the morning, the car won’t start. I hear for just a brief moment the starter motor turn on for less than half a second then turn off. I take the key out and try again. It takes a few times for it to run. I have tried different keys and once it has been started for the day, it usually is not an issue until the next morning.

2009? Is the vehicle possibly still under warranty? If so, take it to a Jeep dealer and get it fixed.

If it’s no longer under warranty, take your vehicle to a mechanic or an auto parts store and have the battery and charging system tested.

Most auto parts stores will do this for free.

It’s unusual for a two-year-old battery to be dead, but not impossible. It’s also possible that a loose connection at one of the battery terminals is causing this problem.

Good luck.

The battery and cable ends are approx. 3 years old. That’s enough time for either one or both to become faulty.

The symptom sounds exactly like what occurred last week on my daughter’s '05 Mustang. The battery (approx. 2.5 years old) was getting weak.
With a full charge and a voltmeter on it the battery voltage would drop off into the upper 10 volt range after less than 10 minutes of sitting. (Should be around 12.6 or a tiny bit less, all depending.)