Pontiac Bonneville


I have had it?..I own a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville. About 1 year after purchase, I occasionally found the battery was dead when I tried to start it. After numerous trips to the dealership, it was determined that the battery was the problem. So, we purchased a new battery. All was well for about 1 year (during which our warranty expired). Once again, I began to have trouble starting it. It was typically when it sat for over 24 hours and was hot and humid. I was always able to start it with a battery charger. It became a huge problem when I began to travel for business and had to leave my vehicle at the airport. After my return flight, the car would not start. I have been stranded at airports, missed business meetings, personal appointments, etc. Once again, we have had the battery replaced (3 weeks ago) for about $170.00. Since that time, the car has not started twice. I have checked with the local Pontiac dealer and they have not clue what is wrong but would be willing to take a look at it at my cost (remember, the thought they had solved it with the new batteries). I have asked if they had experienced this with any other Pontiacs but instead of answering my question, they said they would have to look at it. At this point, I would trust my 80 year old mother?s expertise before I would have faith in their work. Would you have any clue or could you direct me to someone??? Please???


Crazy as this sounds, have you tried pulling the bulbs from the trunk light, hood light, glove box light?
Probably before you were born, my mom-in-law had a car that couldn’t keep a battery charged. Like you…the longer it sat, the weaker the battery. Like you, the dealership was flummoxed! It took my husband coming home from 2nd shift, on a particularly dark night,to notice the ghostly glow of the trunk, hood & glove box lights!
The guys pulled the bulbs & no more dead batteries!
Worth a shot…


You only take a vehicle to a dealer for warranty or for recalls. Your warranty was for 30 days?

Find a good independent shop. Ask co-workers, friends, etc.

On the cars.com home page is a link for certified techs across the land. You may find one close to you.

A test has to be done to try and find a drain somewhere that is killing the battery.

Don’t buy any more batteries until the cause is located and fixed.


PS: I do believe it was a Pontiac Bonneville…all be it a 1967 in 1968…


I agree that an independent shop is the place for you. It may be something not turning off … a light, etc.; or, it may be something which is turning on after closing time. An hour, or two, or three after the car has been shut off, go to the car and look for lights AND listen for clicking, or buzzing sounds, or a fan running. If any of these are discovered, notify your (new) mechanic.