2017 Jeep Cherokee Lock problem

driver side power lock problem

Tell us a bit more. Has any troubleshooting been done yet?

so,what is your question???

What specifically is the problem? Is it a specific door? Does it only happen with the remote? I assume you’re beyond the 3yr./36k bumper-to-bumper portion of the warranty.

If you want people to help you for free, you have to provide details and make it easy for them.


The driver power lock door not working in/out. Not surw what it seems a problem…probably the cumputer mechanisym or something…but if i used manual key it works just the automatic unlock/lock failed. But the 3 other doors working fine only the driver side.

So you are able to lock and unlock the door manually with the key in the keyhole,right?

Do you hear a noise from the door mechanism, like it is attempting to open, or total silence when you hit your remote?

Yes i’m able to lock/unlock manually. Remotely no. Only driver side issue

If you press on the power lock button inside the door,will it lock and unlock the door?If not,the power door lock actuator motor inside the door could be bad.

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Actually i’m dissapoited knowing over 60 clicks, no longer under warranty.

^ This +1. The driver’s door gets the most use so if one of the actuators is going to fail it’s that one.