2017 Jeep Cherokee Rear Passenger Door Lock

2017 Jeep Cherokee

About a week ago, the rear passenger door started having issues. Sporadically it will not lock or unlock when the corresponding button is pushed. It isn’t every time, but is about 25-50% of the time. There isn’t any clicking or grinding noises that make me think there is a misalignment of anything, it just sometimes doesn’t lock or unlock when pushed, and it’s only the one door having the issue. Any thoughts? I am hesitant to take it into the shop because it is happening so sporadically, and with my luck I would pay to have it looked at only to have it not happen for them.

Thanks in advance!

Why take a 6 year old car to the dealer? Any well rated independent shop could handle this.

It likely is the lock motor but it could be the wiring. Neither is a difficult fix.


I meant into the shop, but good clarification. If you think its as simple a fix as that, I’ll definitely do it.

My guess, given the sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t nature, the actuator for the door lock mechanism is gunked-up. Cleaning the gunk away and re-lubing may be all that’s needed.

99% of the time the problem is the lock actuator is weak/failing, the dealer will have new door latches in stock.

This is a modern door latch with internal lock actuator, have you ever cleaned one?


modern? … lol … own nothing that’s car-related that’s modern. But I’ve needed to clean & lube the manual door-lock mechanisms on 3 older vehicles over the years, has always done the trick.

Besides being the actuator, it could also be the door button switch that is going bad.
You did not mention if you are trying to unlock it from the driver’s buttons or the rear passenger door button. when this happens if you are using the driver’s door button try using the rear door button to see if it makes a difference, or visa versa.

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What button are your pushing?? The key fob, master switch (drivers door) button?? Try a different button to see if any difference…

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