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1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Where is Door Lock Relay

need a picture or drawing showing where the door lock relay. both back doors don’t work.

Might I suggest you search for a Jeep forum? Specialty forums are better for questions about 21 year old cars with a large following.

thanks for suggestion, but already tried that.

There aren’t any relays, the power door lock switches power the lock actuators directly.

why wouldn’t back door locks work with remote?

The Remote Keyless Entry module is part of the passenger front door module (switch assembly), if the rear door locks don’t operate with the remote but will operate with the switches I would suspect a problem with the passenger door module…

Have you checked for power to the rear door lock actuators? Door lock actuator failures are very common.

rear door locks don’t work with anything, remote, master switch, individual door switches. Haynes manual shows there are relays?

Throw that Haynes manual away.

I looked up the wiring diagram for the door locks for your vehicle. And there are no relays.


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If the right front door locks and unlocks there is output from the passenger door module, the rear and right front are on the same circuit.

Remove the rear door panels and check for power to the lock actuators while locking/unlocking.

ok thanks. i’ll check door lock actuators.

thanks. i’ll try that and let you know.

Maybe the childproof locks are activated? Do the doors open from the inside?

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If the child locks are activated don’t the rear doors only open from the outside ?

Correct. That’s why I asked.

OK , I am with you now. If the rear doors open from inside that eliminates the child locks as the problem .

power getting to both door lock actuators, so it looks like I need both door lock actuators, which is not worth it. thanks for your help.