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Clicking sound in 2000 Corolla

I drove my car to the store today without any problems. When I started it back up again, I noticed a clicking sound. At first I thought that maybe I had turned on the turn signal or the emergency blinkers, but neither was on. I turned off the car and restarted it. The clicking restarted when I turned the car back on. I tried turning off my headlights, and the clicking got louder. I turned them back on and it got quieter.

At that point I decided to just drive home. The clicking stopped and restarted several times during my trip. I checked the oil, and it’s fine. Any ideas of what could be making the noise?

Does the rate of clicking vary with engine or vehicle speed?

No, it stays the same.

If you activate the turn signal while it’s clicking is the phantom click affected?
Does it sound just like the turn signal click?
If so you probably need a new “clicker” (not sure exactly what they call it).
Go to the dealer and buy a new one, they’re not expensive, then look under the dashboard for the old one.