2017 Dodge Journey - Who can help me?

I bought my truck on April 29 of this year, it’s a Dodge Journey and I bought it used. The first day I drive it it ran fine but on the third day the check engine light came on so I called the dealership that I got it from and he told me to take it to Midas to get it looked at. I set an appointment and took it the next day. When they checked it out they said they could find anything wrong with it so they reset the check engine light and I was told if it comes back on to bring it back. So the next day after I got off and was on the way home I noticed the light on again and the thermostat started to rise, so I took it back to the shop. They replaced the spark plugs and did some other work but after that it started acting worse so the guy at the dealership told me to take it to the dodge dealership. All in all it has two warped heads and the pull and water mixed but the warranty company won’t pay for the over heart damage. If there anything I can do

More than likely you bought it from a used car lot rather than a “dealer” because I doubt an actual dealer would send you to Midas. If you have a third party warranty it’s basically worthless. Call the local City Attorney’s office.

Yes I bought it from a used car lot

This car had a problem when you bought it that they didnt reveal. It is going to take an attorney to get you out of that one .


You stated the temp was rising on the second visit to Midas but did not state whether this was true when the problem first started or during the first trip to Midas.

Third party warranty companies are notoriously bad about denying claims and it sounds like they are blaming you for the probem. Depending upon how much overheating and how much driving you did they might have a point.

However, i suspect that car was damaged goods before the dealer acquired it and as stated it might take some input from a lawyer to sort this out due to a lot of finger pointing.

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This vehicle was probably a lease return sold at auction and the selling used dealer lot may not have driven it enough to know it had problems . If the paper work said ’ Sold As Is ’ there is no recourse against the seller . Unfortunately going up against a third party warranty is a losing proposition for most people.

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