2018 Dodge Journey - So many issues

Power issues with my 2018 Dodge Journey 4-Cyl. I was wondering if any owners with this type of vehicle have experience power issues.
1). When driving at approximately 60’s and all the sudden I have to slow down to 30’s and I want to pick up speed again. The vehicle does not repond.
2). When coming to a complete stop, the vehicle feels like it still wants to keep moving forward.
3). Cruise control have drop about 12 to 16 miles.
4). Computer freezes
5). Vehicle shakes sometimes when it first starts.
6). New vehicle and it seems like the battery is going bad.

LOTS of problems… Problems the dealer is responsible for fixing! Take it back to the dealer and insist they fix ALL the problems on your list. Keep ALL your records on Dodge’s attempted and successful repairs. They may get them all fixed, but if they don’t, you need to insist. You paid for a car that works, Dodge has the responsibility to provide that. If they don’t, they may have to buy it back.

Also look up the “Lemon Laws” in your state and see what you need to do if it comes to that.