2017 Dodge Journey -Won't start

When I go to start my wife’s 2017 Dodge Journey the power comes on and everything seems normal. When I hit the push to start button, all it does is click. It doesn’t want to start. I tried jumping the vehicle, thinking it may be a battery problem but nothing happens. I really need help finding out what the problem is.

Dodge has a 3 year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty… and a 5 year 60K mile powertrain warranty. Both include a free tow. I’d suggest you use your warranty and let the Dodge dealer fix it.

If you insist on fixing yourself, do you have a digital voltmeter and know how to use it? Without one, fixing this is a guessing game. And no success will come from that.

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See if the 100 amp starter fuse is blown in the fuse box under the hood.