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2017 Chrysler 200 - time to trade?

I bought my Chrysler 200 in 2018. I should have known no gets rid of a car in one year unless it’s having problems and it was priced to sell fast. My problem is the last gear changes with a jerk. And, sometimes it acts like it going to stall for an instant when accelerating from stopped position to make a left turn against coming traffic. (That’s scary) My transmission was just replaced about a month ago and it hasn’t changed. My warranty ended this year. Should I trade it in?

The first step would be to contact the place that did the transmission work . As for trading in that is something only you can decide.

say have you visited this forum? these guys may be able to give you some good help. and they have a chrysler tech that is on this site and they do a good job of giving some good advice on how to resolve this issue.

if you drive it in auto mode and do not tap the paddles on the back of the steering wheel then it should shift good. if you hit that paddle it will shit way different. and do not expect to get the 9th gear if you use the paddles to get that gear expect some shifting issues and the car does not like that gear unless is has been it 8th for a bit.

you can set the display to show you what gear your in and then you have an ides if your hitting the paddles and putting it into a gear the car does not like.

these cars get updates to the ecm over the internet. that means if you car is outside anytime for an hour chrysler sends updates to it like a cell phone. and maybe you missed one. this form can help you with that also. good luck.

it is not necessary that some trade in a year i traded 3 cars with a year on them because i just don’t care for them. to small or did not like the ride one was for gas mileage it did good but was a hybrid that did not get what they said on the xway so it pissed me off and i traded it.

try this site for more help

Probably cheaper to fix it than to trade. Agree with @VOLVO_V70. Take it back to the transmission shop and tell them you’re not happy. Have a good mechanic diagnose the stalling problem.

One was to small ? Did it shrink after you bought it ? One did not ride well ? No test drive ? One did not get the EPA rated fuel mileage ? That is very common with any vehicle because driving patterns make a big difference.

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Probably had a rough upbringing.

More of a function of 9th gear’s very tall 0.48 ratio. You’ll have to be going highway speeds in order for 9th gear to be viable option without lugging the engine. On that same token the transmission has electronic safeguards to keep the user from engaging a gear (via paddle shifter) that would either cause excessive engine speed from a downshift or lugging the engine via a premature upshift. It’s not that the car has an innate desire to want to be in 8th gear for a specified amount of time. It just won’t allow you to upshift until the engine/vehicle speed is high enough where shifting to 9th gear won’t lug the engine. I’ve read about other vehicles (Jeeps) that use this transmission being reluctant to shift into 9th until the vehicle’s speed was 60+ MPH.

Are you sure about that? You can get OTA updates for the infotainment system. But I’ve never heard about any ICE-powered car getting OTA updates for it’s ECU. Seems that sort of thing has the potential to be fraught with peril should something happen during the process.

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