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2015 Chrysler 200 - Engine troubles

Car shut down without warning in center lane on highway!!! 2 attempts to restart failed, 3rd attempt started. Pulled off highway appeared to run okay and 1/2 home it began to overheat and RMPs were all over the place. Contacted Chrysler service, first person was very nice told me once it is back at the dealer if they cannot find anything wrong call back and do not take car. Dealership called me yesterday reports it updated the PCM and could not explain to me what that was until another technician “kind” of explained it and wanted me to pick up the car because it showed no code that it shut down etc… Transferred to the Service Manager who said he’s going to keep the car for further inspection etc. Today Service Manager took car out for long drive, car did not shut down but began to overheat. I was informed they will call Chrysler Engineers for further assistance but asked if I put gas in the car that day??? confused. Called Chrysler Service a 2nd time to update and this gentlemen was nice enough but had no clue and explained to me that my dealer will probably contact the “star team.” I purchased this car BRAND NEW with 8 miles on it and I put on 5 test driving it. I am terrified it will stall again mid driving and no answer as of yet.

Welcome to the WONderful world of Fiat Chrysler! Your car has a bit too much “Fiat” built into it.

I notice you didn’t ask us a question. Are you looking for advice on what to do?

My thoughts - research your state’s lemon law, maybe contact an attorney that specializes in this, and wait to see if FCA can actually fix your car. If they, can, great! If they can’t start asking about buy-backs under the lemon laws. Don’t take “no” for an answer and don’t trade for another FCA product. Good Luck!

On a 3 year old vehicle?

3 year, 36K mile warranty… 5 year 60K on the powertrain, and then there is the emission system warranty!

So yeah, buyback… or dump this Fiat wanna-be and Run, Forest, RUN! :poop:

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Chrysler reliability issues existed decades before Fiat got involved.

… but they became demonstrably worse when FIAT entered the picture.

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Worse than the bottom? Fiat’s purchase of Chrysler was an accounting trick, not a complete re-engineering of the product line.

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They were not AT the bottom during the Daimler-Chrysler days, that spot was reserved for the Fiat-Chrysler takeover models.

The Dodge Dart, now discontinued, was a Fiat platform and engine with Dodge badging. The Jeep Compass, built around the world, but not the US, designed by FCA, powered by Fiat and sold as a Jeep.

Make sure this recall work has been done. It can cause unexplained engine stalls on the 3.6L.

Recall 15v470000: power dist center intermittent fault.

There’s also several re-flash’s (reprogramming the car’s computer software) suggested as customer interest bulletins, some involving the power-train.

And they are still working on it so don’t panic.

BTW the STAR (Center) is an acronym; Strategic Technical Assistance Resource center, this is the group of engineers that assist dealer technicians.

In America, Fiat is a punch line. Perhaps this is well deserved. In Europe, they’re considered average or above average. TIme has passed, Fiat has improved. Chrysler has not.

Does it really matter who is on the bottom, Mike? They are both bottom dwellers.

The data you posted was 4 years before the merger of Fiat and Chrysler.

This post is an article from 2018. Fiat is the worst brand, Jeep is second worst. Dodge and Ram, 2 more FCA brands are 8th and 9th worst. Alfa Romeo is also a FCA brand coming in 4th. To recap, FCA has 5 brands in the top 10 worst brands sold in the US.

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I don’t think the 200 was one of Chrysler’s better efforts nor were they terribly popular. I attended a car show in OK City when the 200 first came out.

At the Chrysler display they had a 200 sitting there with a professional model fawning over it. Not one person around it or walking by it even gave it a second look.
Everyone was looking at the Challengers, Charges, trucks, and the biggest crowd was around the Pro Master van.

As for the car dying, it’s impossible to guess without knowing what is missing; fuel pressure or ignition spark.

To be fair, car shows tend to be populated by enthusiasts, rather than the typical customer for a new 200. When the 200 is 50 years old and becomes hot-rod-able, then the enthusiasts might take to it.

Just like the Edsel?


OK 4450 was referring to a new car show I do believe. Not a classic type.

Yes, I was referring to a show that was mostly new cars. There were a dozen old classics sitting off to themselves including a 1920s era Excelsior motorcycle that was near pristine and worth more than anything there except a 175k dollar new Jaguar.

The 200 isn’t a bad looking car. I was just surprised a bit about everyone simply ignoring it with the thought that sales might be a bit rough since there was no interest in it.

You’re right . . . it’s not a bad looking car

But that’s about the only positive thing you can say about it

It’s not exciting looking, either

It’s not fast

It’s not luxurious

There’s nothing extraordinary about it at all

If that’s the kind of car you’re looking for, might as well buy a Civic or Corolla. At least they’re reliable and hold their value much better than an Italian mopar

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