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2015 Chrysler 200 wouldn’t come out of 1st

Stopped for gas. left the station and car wouldn’t come out of 1st gear. Its a nine speed auto. I was in drive. Dash Gear indicator showed (1+) instead of (D1)

The car had a 60 mo./100k powertrain warranty and AFAIK it’s transferrable so you might be in luck. If not, take it to a good independent transmission shop.

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I think the car has a manual shift feature that allows you to shift the gears manually. I think you may have put it into that mode accidentally. That +1 on the display is the hint.

Look in your owners manual to see how it works and how to engage and disengage it.


I think you got it right I had a rental one time with that feature had to get a 17 year old kid to show me how to drive it.