2008 Chrysler Town & Country Transmission Hiccup

I bought a new (2008) Chry. T&C 3.8 V6 Auto Trans. During the first 3000 miles I am noticing a rough transition when it is up-shifting through the gears - especially 2nd & 3rd. At the higher gears the trans. sounds like it is “slipping” (slight engine rev between gears).

I took it in for service, had a Sr. tech ride with me and showed him the problem. He said it was operating correctly and affectionately described the problem as a “hiccup”. I’ve been driving auto trans. cars for 40+ years and the only time I have felt a this “hiccup” was when the transmission was on it’s last leg. Has this issue been reported by anyone else?

Chrysler has had a history of transmission problems on their vans for quite a few years. I was under the impression that a redesign of the transmission had licked those problems since 2004 or so, but perhaps their chronic transmission problems are ongoing. If your transmission is not shifting properly now, it is not going to get better as the car ages, unfortunately.

I would suggest that you:

*Keep taking the vehicle back, requesting that they fix the problem. (I know that this is inconvenient, but this is a necessary part of the process)
*Retain all documentation of your visits to the service department, with the nature of the complaint clearly stated on the invoices.
*Educate yourself regarding the Lemon Law in your state, and be prepared to file a claim under this statute. Note the elapsed time limit for filing a claim, and if the problem persists, be sure to file prior to the time limit.
*Contact the Chrysler factory zone representative regarding this problem, as they have the authority to direct the dealership to resolve a problem.

Try to remain calm and business-like, but firm, with both the dealership and the zone representative, as this will get you much further than acting in an irrational manner. And, watch the news for information regarding Chrysler. They are in the worst financial straits of any of the US car companies, and they could cease to exist in their current form. Resolution of this problem depends on them remaining in business, and that is in doubt according to some sources.

Thanks for the good advice… problem is - I don’t know if it is a problem… or an idiosyncrasy. I would like to know if there are others out there have have experienced this same phenomena (meanwhile I am TCBing on the back end… )

If you are used to old style automatics, there may be nothing wrong with the van. These electronically-controlled units make shifts almost imperceptible but engaging consecutive gears at the same time. Much less of a distinct shift like older automatics.

Drive a couple of other 2008 minivans on their lot for comparison. If they shift in the same manner then it’s probably normal…but if they shift differently then you have something to pursue with the dealer.

I just bought a 2008 Town and Country Touring about a month ago. It had 13,000 miles on it. As I was driving I heard a banging noise and then when the noise went away it was sort of a whistle sound and I could feel the car was not going into gear. I brought it to the dealer and now my transmission is frozen and they can’t even diagnose so they are putting in a new transmission. Do not let them tell you it’s not a problem. Go back and argue with the service manager not the tech, call Chrysler or email them and make sure to document, print and keep copies of all correspondence.

We have been experiencing this EXACT same problem with our 2008 Chrysler T&C Touring. I experienced problems with it early in the fall (we bought it last winter)- the same slipping sound between 2nd and 3rd gears. It wouldn’t go into gears a few times also (especially reverse). When I took it to the dealer, they couldn’t find a problem or replicate what was happening with me. I took it home and the same thing happened so I returned it to the dealer to check. Again, they couldn’t find or replicate the problem. I took it home knowing that I would be back soon and that by the time they figured it out, something wiould be seriously wrong. This past weekend it really acted up so I tried to drive it to the dealer and ended up having to have it towed. The next day they called and said there was a leak in the transmission and it’s all set to pick up. Obviously, even with my little car knowledge I knew this was not the source of the problem and after much discussion with my service rep, he said he’d have the service manager test drive it again. Finally! I’m writing this having after just being told that the entire transmission has to be replaced.However inconvenient, you’re going to need to stay on this one or you could end up stranded somewhere. I got lucky that I was a couple miles from my house and it was daytime and I didn’t have a carful of people. Good Luck. Hopefully this will solve my problem.

There is definitely an issue with the new 2008 T/C transmissions. I have the 6 speed which is being replaced right now with 23K miles on it, and it had the exact same symptoms that everyone else has experienced. The good news is Chrysler is not giving any hassles over the replacement, the bad news is the transmissions are on backorder with no eta. Good thing we have the lifetime powertrain warranty, huh?

“Good thing we have the lifetime powertrain warranty, huh?”

Unfortunately, the lifetime warranty depends on the lifetime of Chrysler Corporation, and that prospect is not looking particularly bright right now. If anyone has issues with his/her Chrysler transmission, I would suggest taking up the matter with the dealer now, rather than waiting.

Just got stuck - My T&C is only 5 months old with 7000 miles on it, it was bumping when I would gas after a traffic light and bump when I would stop at one. The dealer had his tranny guy take a quick look before I left since it was 5pm on Friday. The mechanic said the tranny fluid was black and the tranny was burnt up. I will need a new tranny. He also said it had to do with the new variable speed trannys they are using in this car. so now if i have it replaced with a new tranny that is made the same way will i have the same trouble at another 7000 miles, I AM NOT A HAPPY PERSON. May have to contact Chrysler about this one.

Wow same thing with me. 8200 miles on the car. My wife was telling me the car seemed to hesitate from a stopped position. Was going to has Chrysler look at it next week. Well seems I was a little too late. Had to have it towed to the dealership this weekend because it was dead. Wouldn’t move out of gear after stopping at an intersection. Not looking good.

Oh my gosh! I have a 2008 T?C was just told I needed new brakes at 22,000 then my transmission is toast! Been in twice already what can I do/ They said weeks to fix. I brought in 2 in the same week for the same problem also doors will not close. What can dealerships do? I heard the service dept has to determine lemon or not!

I have a 2008 Town & Country…until Monday. On Monday I will give the vehicle back to the dealership. Almost one year to the date of my purchase and when I drove the van home it was the very next morning that when pulling out of my driveway my transmission gave a huge ker plunk that was teeth jarring in low gears. Everything you guys are saying I have experianced. After having my car in the dealership numerous times…ultimately putting in a new transmission…Chrysler has admitted that there is a problem with the transmission / computer combination that causes the shifting problems. I remained calm through this process and my dealership and the Chrysler rep have been helpful but in the end there is no known fix for the problem…the dealership told me that…so through an Impartial Service Group, Chrysler has agreed to buy back the vehicle 100% less $165 for usage for the year. That figure was calculated based on the mileage of my first visit into the repair shop. My advice is to keep good records and stay on top of them until you’re satisfied with a resolution. I will say that I love all the non mechanical features of my van and will miss the stow-n-go seats. Good luck to all.

I had the same issue with mine except that mine quit accelerating entirely at one point. Chrysler replaced the TIPM (totally integrated power module), then it worked fine for almost a year. This week, it is back in the shop because the engine is not shifting smoothly again, it revs at almost 4k before shifting and has a whining noise. They’ve had it for 2 days and today said that they’ve been speaking with Chrysler and determined that there is an issue with the seal on the transmission and junk is getting in there, so basically they have to replace the entire transmission! Luckily I am within a service contract and also purchased a lifetime bumper to bumper in case it continues to be an issue. However, I am very, very, very displeased with the whole thing at this point.

I have a Town and Country 2008 with only 15,000 miles, the minivan work ok for almost 3 years, suddenly one day when we try to turn it on we hear a strange sound and after some research I found the sound was coming from the transmission, after going to the dealer they told me that I need a new transmission, unfortunatly Chrysler replaces their transmissions with remanufactured parts, after only 2 weeks of use I am going another time to the dealer because there is oil spill on top of the trasmission. Chrysler builds cheap cars that broke very easily don’t trust the safety of your family In a Chrysler vehicle because they don’t simply care about you they only want to earn money.