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Trade 2004 Corolla for a 2002 Honda Accord Sedan?

I have a 2004 toyota Corolla with 108670 miles on it and has been a good car and has sat outside all its life except for the last 2-3 winters when at home. I have a chance to trade it for my moms old car which is a 2002 Honda Accord wth the V6 and has 121450 miles on it. the body on the Accord is in a little bit better shape and it was well maintained. My concern is that if I trade my car for hers that the Transmission may fail at some point and know it has never been replaced or rebuilt before. I know that era is Accord has Transmission issues. How likely is it going to be replaced. I average about 7000-8000 miles a year

Just keep the Corolla. It is a known entity for you, will take you to 150-200,000 miles and has a better transmission. This seems like a trade down, not up.

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The thing is that I didn’t mention earlier is that my mom passed away a couple of years ago and I really right now don’t want to come across a stranger driving it around town but at the same time I’m not sure I’m ready to get of my car yet and it’s having a new muffler put on this week… I’m going to see what my mechanic says about how the body looks underneath on my car.

Both cars were purchased brand new

Didn’t you have a thread recently about your 2004 having rust problems , if so there is your answer .

I would trade both in on a new or newer vehicle . They will wholesale the 2002 so the chance you will see it again is not very high.

I’d take both cars to a trusted mechanic and have him go over both cars and see which one they thought was better.

I put por15 on my car this summer and so far so good and has no where near the rust on it that a lot of other cars around here have. My dad traded the Honda along with his old truck last week while I was still deciding and before the muffler on my car went out. I talked to the dearler and they can do an even trade or come close right to it once seeing my car. My car has a slightly higher blue book value. They have a list price of 4700 on the Honda right now which is a mute point. The Honda was a car that was smoked in with two cigarette burn holes in the drivers seat but the outer body is a little better shape.I really can’t afford a newer vehicle right now. I don’t mean to be sentimental but that is my situation.

As stated earlier my main question is it almost guarantee that the transmission on the Honda eventually going to go out in the next couple of years? Does changing the fluid on a regular basis help keep that from happening that much?

My mechanic who knows both cars told me either or

You should consider you fathers feeling on this . He might not be thrilled if you made this trade .

He asked if I wanted to trade beforehand. He’s not going to care. He wanted that car for for the down payment for his newer truck since his old one wasn’t worth much

With all due respect, I think you’re letting emotion and sentimentality cloud the picture here.

Why would you trade a 2004 Corolla that you know for a 2002 Honda with some both known and unknown issues? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Think to the next step. If you do get this Honda, to keep it in the family or whatever, what will you do when that Honda wears out and needs to be replaced (and it will happen)?

Again, I’m sorry for your loss and situation. I can be sentimental myself at times. But this is not rational thinking here. Good luck.


I know the Honda is eventuality going to wear out as is my car which just had a new muffler put on today and in about a year or so is probably going to need new struts which won’t be as a transmission but still costly.

Back to my main question that: is it probably a guarantee that the transmission will go out in the Honda at some point with transmission history of the Accord V6’s of that era? IIts a car I’ve driven quite a few times although not on a regular basis. Last November at Thanksgiving I noticed that the brake light come on on the Honda when it’s cold and the. Goes off after the car has warmed up. That could a simple fix or more major if it’s the modulator. I’m looking at which car is going to be the better car over the next couple of years

Noelle , just keep what you have . You will receive a low trade in for what you have and the dealer is not going to take a loss on the other vehicle . Just the amount of money you will leave on the table will cover several repairs on what you have now.

Kelly blue book is actually a little higher on my car vs the Honda. Which is one reason I didn’t trade with my dad earlier.

If your dad has already used the Honda as a trade-in, none of this matters anymore, the Honda is gone.

I wouldn’t pursue it, the dealer may just want to get you in there, then come up with 325 reasons your Toyota has problems, and you’ll need to pay $XXXX to actually make the trade happen.

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