2015 Nissan Altima Wrong fuel

i diesel fuel into a gas engine 2015 nissan altima

How much diesel fuel did you put in ?

Again another one does this . How did you do that ?

I am starting to develop a theory… Many gas stations in my area have 2 nozzles on a single pump. All grades of gas on one and diesel on the other. Black hoods on both nozzles. It is easy enough to grab the wrong one. I did, it fit my gas engined truck, but I hung it back up when I realized what I’d grabbed. So the nozzle will fit.

Some stations have green hoods on the diesel but BP stations have green hoods on ALL the nozzles. Some stations have as many as 4 nozzles on one pump - diesel, E85, E0, and E10 gas.

Confusing? Maybe to folks yakking on their phones at the pumps not paying attention. Maybe too many choices for some folks just trying to fill up.

The last time I fueled up I put the diesel nozzle next to the fill pipe. It would not go in so I think if I tried to use it I would have diesel fuel all over the place.

So that is why it would be nice if all these posts about the wrong fuel if they would tell how they did it and how much.

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