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2016 Toyota Tacoma - Trans slams

I have a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. V6 TRD off-road extended cab short bed. In colder weather (but not necessary) before the vehicles at Prime operating conditions. When the vehicle slows down quickly. Generally 35 miles an hour to zero. The transmission has a loud slamming sound / feel.what is this? I have had the vehicle since it was brand new I’m the first time owner. I’ve experienced this issue from the very beginning. The dealership suggests that this is normal. I’ve given other Tacomas and not had this situation

So, it has been doing this for four years. My only guess is it has something to do with the torque converter. You may still have a power train warranty, you might try a different dealer.

I am pretty sure there was a TSB for that year make and model. I’d ask the dealer.

If my dealership told me this was normal, I’d stop going to them for service. I’d get a second opinion elsewhere, and I’d be on the lookout for a better mechanic. I recommend you get a second opinion.

So what makes you think it’s the transmission slamming? My first thought is that it could be a broken motor mount or two.

My second thought is that any kind of slamming during a transmission shift is a sign that you might need either a new transmission or a rebuild. Did you check the transmission fluid level and color?

Lastly, did you complain about this and document the issue while the factory warranty was still intact? If so, it is imperative that you either take it back and ask them to resolve it or take it to another Toyota dealership and ask the same.

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So you’ve lived with this for 4 years? Why ask this now?

So did they allow you to drive another 2016 Taco to prove “they all do that”?


You say you’ve driven other Tacomas that didn’t have this issue but the dealership says “They all do that.” Clearly they don’t. If there’s anything left of your 60 month/60k power train warranty take the truck to a different dealership.

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No Tacoma experience here, but slamming, banging, clunking noises either when coming to a stop, taking off from a stop, or when starting to back-up after a stop are pretty common complaints we get here from pick-up truck owners in general. Many of these are coming from the driveshaft, either b/c some play has developed somewhere, something is out of adjustment, or something needs to be lubed. If you have a two-part driveshaft try lubing the junction where the two parts spline together. There may be a special synthetic grease you are supposed or at least recommended to use there. That remedy is pretty effective for my own truck. Make sure the engine idle rpm is correct too.