2017 Toyota Tacoma - Strange vibrations

2017 Toyota Tacoma 80K miles. V6 4WD Automatic. at 18-21 mph vibration. (not during shifting) 1500 RPM shifts at 25-28 mph after vibration has stopped. Not in the brakes no pulse on the pedal. Not in the steering column, definitely not engine related. Feels like trans, drive train or rear end. Found TSB bulletin for deceleration this is only on acceleration. Consistent every time. Started tonight has consistently happened every acceleration since it started.

That’s consistent with a problematic torque converter lock-up function. Around that speed the torque converter changes from slipping mode to locked mode to improve mpg. Should be a smooth transition, but if problem develops it rapidly switches from lock to unlock mode, and vibrates. Not an uncommon complaint here for vehicles w/automatic transmissions. Search the repair/maintenance forum for torque converter lockup vibration, judder, etc.to see what other’s have posted here.

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