Toyota Tacoma Whining...(and no it's not the wife!)

Specs - 2000 Toyota Tacoma Ext Cab with TRD, Manual Transmission, 5VZ-FE V6 Engine, 60k miles

Alright, so I recently took my truck in for a 60K tune-up at the dealer and upon returning to pick it up, was informed that there are some issues that need to be attended to.

The first issue occurs when the truck is idling; it is a whining sound (somewhere above Middle C range) that goes away when the clutch is engaged and returns as soon as the clutch pedal is let out. If I put on the parking brake and increase the RPMs the pitch increases, but doesn’t make the dog jump outta the bed and run away.

The second issue (and probably related, but not sure) is a whining sound that occurs when I’m driving down the road. It sounds almost the same as the idling sound and occurs in all gears except 4th. I’m thinking this might be due to a problem with the countershaft since 4th gear is a 1:1 ratio and doesn’t engage it. If I engage the clutch while driving down the road the noise goes away and returns as soon as I am done shifting.

So the question(s): are these two symptoms to the same problem or separate and if so what kind of trouble am I looking at?

Thanks for the help everyone. I found similar issues in other posts but nothing that sounds like my exact problem.


Anyone? A little help? oh please oh please…

And a Happy All Hallows Eve!