2017 Toyota Tacoma - Clatters

Should my 2017 Tacoma engine clatter when I slow down to 35 - 45 MPH and start to resume speed again. Loud chattering noise like engine has not caught up with transmission gear level. Also my truck smokes like I’m fogging for mosquitos, it does it after I have driven the truck and then its sits for about an hour. When I start it the second time for the day, it smokes heavily. Been in the shop and they can’t find anything wrong. Thank You

First, you need different shop.
You likely have several issues. First guess is a blown head gasket.
Any reasonably competent shop can diagnose whether or not that is the problem.


Agree find a different shop ands get a proper diagnoses before it leaves you stranded somewhere.

An unusual amount of blue-ish or black smoke out the tailpipe immediately after start-up, but only noticed after the engine has been sitting used for an hour, and it goes away after 5-10 minutes of driving, that symptom is consistent w/problematic valve stem seals. That’s usually not a super- expensive problem to repair. The clattering noise however, that may prove to be quite expensive. This is a gasoline engine, not a diesel, right?

Presuming the oil level and oil appearance are good, advice above to get a shop assessment is spot on. Ask them while the truck is at the shop so they can listen to the clatter, to also measure the oil pressure w/their shop gauge.


Thank You both for your advice. Will take it in as soon as I get a day off!
Sure Appreciate your time!

Have Faith, Trust and Believe!

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I took it back to the dealer I purchased from didn’t own it a week, bought it used. They sent it over to Toyota dealer near them, said they flushed the system and found nothing. Just made my first payment, ready to get out of it!!

Thanks so much! Will do!

Somehow I suspect you’ve found out why the previous owner traded in the truck…Sorry for your troubles.

A 2017 anything shouldn’t be clattering, rattling, or doing any kind of visible smoking from the exhaust. Something is seriously wrong. You may just have to keep trying different mechanics until someone can help you.

Flushed which system? Did someone put diesel fuel in the gas tank?

Was told by the dealer I purchased it from,( Dodge, Jeep, Ram) that they sent it up the highway to Toyota dealership and they flushed the system. To my knowledge they didn’t put diesel in it. I think after driving it a week, it would had gotten worse than it is acting now. Just clatters when accelerating at about 35-40 mph like its geared too high for the speed I’m going. Just not pleased with what I bought… And its only been a month.

Have Faith, Trust and Believe!

Thanks! I thought the same thing!! Will find a different mechanic, quick as possible.

Have Faith, Trust and Believe!

Did you get a receipt for the work that was done? If so, they should identify which system was flushed. Tell us exactly what the dealer said was done to the truck. It might mean a lot of typing, but it could help us narrow down the issue quickly.