2016 Toyota Camry radio frequently cuts out

radio seems to cut out in a lot of areas

Where specifically? Are you sure you’re not just too far from the station? Is the radio turning off and on? You might want to check the cable from the antenna to make sure it’s firmly attached to the radio. Same with the power connection. Since you’re probably beyond the bumper-to-bumper part of your warranty consider taking it to a car audio shop.

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it is just losing signal – may have to drive a mile or two to regain signal – it is happening in several different area where I live – this never happened with my 2006 camry or any other cars I have owned – car only has 47,256 miles I am being to believe toyota is using cheaper radios in their cars or all the crap that’s on the audio system is just cheap

You could be right. Is this a recent problem? How’s the terrain where you are? Big hills?

Wondering if you could get a different or taller antenna. Some systems are better for xm than the am/fm bands.

If it is sirrus, happens in both our cars

I live in Charleston , WV not large mountains here since we are west of the Appalachian Mountains, I just think Toyota is using a cheap radio system in their cars – this problem probably if I lived west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains I would not have this issue.
Just know next car probably will not be a Toyota – already had to replace the car battery with only 43,981 miles then Old Toyota had 166,000 on
it before I had to do ANY work besides tires – guess 10 yrs difference has cheapened up Toyotas
Thank all of you for your comments
Appreciate it !


The battery was not made by Toyota and some batteries last a long time and some do not . You have not said how long you have had this vehicle . Sorry , but you have radio problems and that could happen to any brand . If you said what type of reception you were having problems with I missed it . AM - FM or Satellite ?

Is this issue on AM, FM, Satellite, or a combination? If a combination, which ones? I would not expect a problem on AM. FM experiences dropout if there is a hill between you and the station. I’ve encountered this driving in the coastal hills of Southern California with rental cars, and it isn’t just one brand. I listen to Satellite at home in Maryland, but I wouldn’t be surprised to have the same dropouts west of Frederick, MD and around Harpers Ferry with FM. The foothills that are are similar in size to the hills in SoCal.

The antenna is built into the rear window of the car from what I can find.

Have no satellite, its on both AM & FM and yes the antenna is in the rear window – also some hills here like Southern California ,But, again back to radio cut out, I tend to believe its a lesser quality radio – have checked at a Toyota dealer here and they have no answer either – the battery issue is really was showing maybe different types of parts Toyota was using now are of a lessor quality - the Toyota that battery lasted so long was in 2006 SE and I had it 10 yrs, I know the battery can go bad but I have never had one that only lasted 3 yrs , this Toyota I have now is 2016 SE. I have owned guessing 13 cars and trucks, between my wife & I, this is the first time a battery went dead that fast. Not a really bad ratio, but surprised is all.

Have you answered the questions - 1 . Did you buy this used ? 2. How long have you had this vehicle and has the radio always done this fading out ?

bought it used from dealer had approx. 26,354 miles had the car 2 years, noticed it starting to fade out about 5 months ago

Is the display still on when the radio ‘cuts out’ ? If the display is off I would suspect a power problem to the radio. If the display is on, something inside the radio is NG. If it was speaker wiring I think at least some sound would be heard.

Does this always happen in the same area or is it random?

West Virginia is a beautiful state with lots of mountains. Charleston sits in the Kanawha valley. I used to live in the Pittsburgh area, less hilly than Charleston and I lost signals on occasion at repeatable spots

Is there any recognized pattern here? It sounds like this is all based on a hunch.

Display still on – have notice repeat in a certain area of Charleston but it happens in no certain areas too , no sound from speakers when this happens, then after about 1 mile it comes back on as if nothing was wrong. That’s why I think its in the radio with all the phone, maps and etc that you can look up on the screen

No problems playing music from a CD or other sources?

no, plays fine with cd never used any other source but AM/FM

Looking at some info on the car seems to verify that the antenna is built into the rear window. Have you made sure that the wires don’t have any damage to them? A good antenna and connection to is key for any radio to have in order to get good reception.

Dont know what type of antenna you have but a lot of cars that use these low profile things they stick on like the roof now are garbage and the reception is poor and there is probably not much you can do about it . Is it on both AM and FM ?