AM radio reception in Toyota Camry Hybrid



I’ve been searching for an answer to my AM radio reception on a 2007 TCH. This is the newest car I own and, naturally, I would have expected the radio to work as well or better than any others. The AM reception here in Seattle is very strong but I cannot get a consistent signal on either of the two strongest stations in the area…it just fades out like the signal is weak. Does anyone have experience with fixing this? Elsewhere on the internet there are posted comments that make a range of arguments, none of which work for me. They include having metallic window tinting, antenna that has a short in the cable, radio that needs replacing (Toyota already did that under warranty). Any ideas others have encountered?


Whip antenna?


At times,I have had the same problem and I found that when I am charging my cell phone, the cable from the charger causes all kinds of problems.


radios have changed internally,the manufactuers,skimp on the AM details,years ago Mitsubishi,had a bulletin to provide a better ground to the radio chassis,Hyundai had the same prob,and supplied a ground kit and antenna kit to reduce noise,and it contained a magnet to go around the coax cable.

just a thought


In all makes of cars AM performance has taken a back seat on newer models simply because most people don’t use it anymore. That’s not to say you don’t have a problem with your radio, but I find old cars (and old radios) had better AM performance.


I don’t know if it is worth worrying about since you will probably have to replace the radio for a digital model in less than a year.


The older radios had a tuning capacitor you adjusted to impedence match the antenna on the car to the radio input. Your radio may have one of these but it also may not; I don’t know for sure. To make the adjustment you normally set the radio tuning to receive a weak AM station on the upper end of the band. Then adjusted the capacitor to maximize the reception.


Huh? I think it’s only TV that’s going digital.


TV signals that broadcast over the AIR are going digital. NOT FM radio signals or TV signals on cable.


Does it work in the PM? Bad joke department.