2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport - Random beeps

My 2016 supercharged Sports Range Rover makes a pair of beeping noises at random, irrespective of engine running or not. If the engine is running it doesn’t matter if the car is moving or stationary.

Post a sound clip

You can find similar reports on any Range Rover forum. AFAIK the cause is still unknown. Sorry.

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It’s the ghost of John Lucas, the Prince of Darkness.


This is the reason so many people lease these. Out of warranty… out of my life!

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Their headlight switches are known to have 3 positions, Dim/Flicker/Off

Is all the software updated? There should be a system page in the InControl Touch Pro system that will tell you the current version. You can probably find out what Land Rover’s most recent version is on their web site.