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Subaru Outback Remote Lock Beeping at random

This has never happened while I’m driving the car, but when it is parked and the engine is off, the remote lock beep (the single beep which signifies the car is locked) is going off. Not often, for awhile I only noticed it at night and frankly thought the cat was walking over my wife’s purse and setting the dang thing off… but no. I was just in the kitchen, both sets of keys on the counter next to me as I put away dishes and the beep went off. Nothing and no one touched the keys. Has anyone had this happen before? Is this a sign the remote lock is dying?

My first suspicion would be that one of the remotes has a flakey switch that arms the system. Try placing the remotes in a metal box to see if that stops the problem from occuring. If it does then you will need to see which one of the remotes has the trouble. If that doesn’t stop the problem then I would suspect that there may be some local RF interference causing the trouble or perhaps another remote from somewhere close by is getting through to your system. Not a thing likely to happen though.