Lexus emits mysterious beep every 5 min

My parents’ 2008 GS Sedan emits one soft beep/tone every 5 minutes for no apparent reason. We have timed it in a variety of situations – it’s always once every 5 minutes to the second and seems to originate in/near the dashboard. The guidebook has no info and the local service manager says he has no clue. Anybody know what it is and how to turn it off?

Seatbelt reminder?

Find another Lexus dealer and ask them. I can’t believe the dealer “has no clue.” This is REALLY sad for a Lexus dealer. They should do anything and everything to satisfy their customers. Maybe the car is so new, the dealer doesn’t have the necessary information. Again, REALLY sad for Lexus. What a shame!

Oh, very good! I like that one.

Seat belt reminder? Is there, perhaps, a warning light illuminated on the dashboard when this beep/tone occurs?

It might be relating to the initial setting-up. I’ve had similar experience but don’t recall.(forgot to turn off kitchen range?)

Nope. The seatbelts are always fastened properly. There is no light or other visual clue corresponding to the sound.

Perhaps this is a case of an ‘unknowledgable’ service writer and not the dealer. (you catch my drift)

Submit a complain with Lexus Dealer in writing, insist on getting a reply in writing. Do this three times, if they cannot fix the beep, insist on getting your money back or another vehicle. You should not have to dig for things on a brand new car. Treat them the same way they treat their suppliers and insist on nothing but perfection, because thats what they demand of us.