2016 Honda Odyssey - Beeps

I have a continuous beeping sound coming from my honda odyssey 2016. No lights indication shown on the Dashboard,

Do you hear the noise when the engine is off, or when it is running, or both?
Is the beeping noise coming from underneath the hood, or from the dashboard area, or…?

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are you wearing your seat belt?

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Every car I have seen there is a light on the dash plus the beep the OP said no lights on the dash.

If it were a 68 Plymouth I would suspect someone left the Roadrunner in the glove box.


My sister drove our car last year, she was like a nice car but it keeps beeping all the time. It was the lane departure warning!

Power sliding door beeper sounds while driving.
Service Bulletin 16-074
2016 Honda Odyssey Door Beeps - YouTube

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