2016 Honda Civic Sdn - AC

Air condition blowing warm Air, taken to dealer Mileage 7192 on 09/18/18 dealer and found condenser leaking, dealer assumed fixed under warranty. Air-conditioner received extended warranty for 3 years but no paper given.
On 09/03/19 Air-conditioner again started blowing warm air and when called Honda dealer for appointment that I got after 6 days and Car was out of manufacturing warranty 3 years or 36000. Current mileage on the car was 8204 only. Dealer identified now compressor leaking and I was charged to fix the problem and dealer indicated is not related to original issue, I bought this car for my son who barely used Honda Civic that’s why the mileage is low. Please note, Honda sells car as air-condition as one parts when there are issues they fix and charge for individual parts even though issues under normal circumstances may be related,

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Condenser changed under warranty, therefore additional 3 years warranty on condenser? Good deal, actually.

Car now out of warranty.

Now compressor is leaking.

Please explain the problem.
I doubt the compressor is going bad because of the condenser.

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Car warranty is a binding part of the sales contract, clearly stating both mileage and time when it lapses.
Even if car was driven for 3 miles, but is past 36 months from the sales date, owner pays for repairs.

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a leaking condenser a year ago is not likely related to a leaking air compressor now.

That being said- I would escalate this to Honda Corporate and see what they can do to help with this vehicle that doesn’t even have 10,000 miles on it yet. It is not normal for the condensor or compressor to start leaking yet.

If that fails, the good news is that this vehicle is now out of warranty, so you can take it places other than the dealer for a/c work.

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Someone does not understand the manufacture warranty .