Honda CRV air conditioning

I had my 2004 honda crv air conditioning compressor replaced along with the drier and the expantion valve in late June. I have driven for about 200 miles since the repair. It is no longer blowing cold air and it sound like a motorcycle is beside me when I run the air. I can run the fan without a problem. I took it back to the same shop since it should be under warrenty if it is the same part/s. Can you give me any idea of what it maybe since I just spent over 2000 to get it fixed in June?

The only thing that can cause the short life of a new compressor is, if the AC system components weren’t completely flushed of the debris that old failed compressor deposited in the system. When this happens, the debris in the system comes around and takes out the new compressor.


Excellent information - thank you. Is it reasonable for me to expect the garage to cover the cost for this?

If that’s what happened, it should be repaired at no cost to you.


Can you think of anything else that it could be? How will I know that they are being honest with me? When the fixed the air in June it was the first time that I used this shop.

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No. The compressor is the only moving component in the AC system that could cause what you describe. The problem here is, if the new compressor failed because of debris left in the AC system, there’s no way to tell. Because when the new compressor is destroyed, it also deposits debris in the AC system. So what’s new debris and what’s old? So, the shop can say they got a bad compressor, and it’s not their fault.

This one of those situations where there’s no way to tell if the repair shop did anything wrong.



The compressor should have come with some sort of warranty. If it is bad already they should replace it. If you were careful picking a shop they should gladly stand behind their work.

You will soon find out whether or not you picked a good shop.

Thanks everyone - This was very helpful. I do have a warranty in hand so hopefully this will all work out. I did research the shop before I took the car in but I never trust them until I have had some repairs done myself. Cars are such unknown territory that I feel like I can’t be a good consumor and I just have to take a leap of faith.

The shop will have to honor the warranty the gave to you if it is the compressor and if the damage was caused by debris (or just a part failure). What will be interesting is if the shop can get the company that sold them the compressor to warranty it. Perhaps the compressor retailer will tell the shop “no warranty” because you did not get all the debris out.

The OP never did say the compressor was replaced becsuse it came apart internaly,perhaps it was a clutch problem or a leakage problem. In the cluth or leakage senario there would not be debris to deal with.

In any case the shop gave you a warranty.

I am guessing that at this point there is so much contaminants in the system that the shop will honer the warranty, but will also hit you with a additional $1000.00 worth of parts including condenser, evaporator, coil, and line sets.

If the shop had replaced everything the first time it still would be costing you a grand more, so don’t feel like you are being ripped off if this becomes reality. After all, in the end the shop is going to take a big hit on this, and will not make a cent.

I see why Honda Dealers in this circumstance would only performs a complete A/c replacements.

                             Good Luck

Thank you for the heads up. I much rather expect this going in. I am sure the shop will appreciate my calmer demeanor as a result!