2016 Honda Civic Sdn - AC issue

my 2016 honda civic sedan is blowing hot air when I use the AC. I know about the 10 year warranty but I just had this fixed roughly 2 years ago. It doesn’t look like they are actually fixing the problem and just ‘patching’ it. When my warranty is up I’m gonna have to shell out $1100 every 2 years to fix a problem Honda created…

That repair must have been under an Extended Warranty which are basically worthless . Your Honda warranty should have expired at 3 years or 36000 miles. A proper repair should last longer than 2 years . If you really believe you are going to have this repair every 2 years then it is trade in time.

In what way did Honda create the problem? How do you know you have the same issue? There are a number of ways an A/C system can fail.

The warranty extension is for the A/C condenser, a manufacturing defect caused leaks. It is unlikely that the replacement condenser is leaking unless it has road damage.