2015 Honda Civic Sdn - AC compressor

I purchased a new 2015 Honda Civic. The air never worked properly but living in Philadelphia I managed to ignore the hot air blowing during the day and the cool air blowing at night. I recently moved to Florida and the heat in my car is unbearable. I took it to a Honda dealer and they claim it is a broken compressor and freeze on did not make a difference. Talking about 1,000 plus. Anyone with AC problems in new cars? Any recalls on this?

A 2015 is not a new car . Things break and 1000.00 for air conditioner work is quite reasonable. And no there will not be any recalls for this . You are out of warranty so any independent AC shop might be less expensive.


A 2015 is hardly a new car. The a/c compressor was warrantied for 3 years. The car is now 5 years old. If you want it fixed, the cost is on you.

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This repair is on your dime and a Recall has never been issued for any A/C compressor that I’m aware of.
Your car was new 5 years ago. Now it’s a 5 year old used car with a customer pay problem that could have been repaired under warranty free of charge but you admittedly chose to ignore it even though it was blowing hot air in Philadelphia.

I sympathize with you as OK gets plenty hot and humid also so I understand what you are going through.

Our 2015 civic had good ac. I never considered it poor performing. You bought it new and did not resolve it? Big mistake

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The dealer is probably right. However, you could take it to an independent A/C shop for a second opinion and an estimate, which is likely to be somewhat cheaper than the dealer’s estimate.

It’s too bad you didn’t handle this while the car was under warranty.