2018 Honda Civic Sdn - Bad condensor

I have a bad condensor after a year and a half but, I’m over the 36K mile warranty. I Honda standing behind the car??

Let us know.

If the condenser is faulty because of damage (curb strike, rocks, wildlife, collision, etc) then that would not be a warranty issue anyway. I don’t see a 2018 model as having a factory defective condenser.

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Did you ever bring this to the dealer for service in that year and a half? No? You are probably going to pay for this yourself. If Yes, you brought it in, now it is a matter of determining why it failed… rock hit or defect. Rock hit, you might get your car insurance to pay for it but it isn’t Honda’s problem.

Can you elaborate and give more details? What’s so bad about it?

I assume the ac isn’t blowing cold, due to a low charge, due to the condenser leaking

I am wondering if the OP is confusing the condenser with the compressor.

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I’m not quite sure what this means, but Honda stood behind this car for 36,000 miles as they promised.

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