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2016 Chevrolet Trax - Lost power then it got worse

19,599 miles AWD, power lost while I drive, rpm drops 2,550 to 800-900 and couldn’t make drive car until turn off the engine and restart. 2~3 times engine stalls and won’t start in 3 to 7 mins, Instrument panel shows check ENG light, another ENG light with Arrow, Track Off light on.

That means take it to a dealer you are still under warranty. And if that check engine light starts flashing have it towed to dealer.


The OP does not need to know the cause of the problem, nor does he need to know how to fix it. All he needs to know is that the vehicle is still covered by multiple warranties from the manufacturer, and a GM dealer will provide FREE diagnosis and repair… as long as the vehicle has been maintained as per GM’s factory maintenance schedule.