2024 Chevrolet Traverse - Shuts off at 30

I have a 2023 Chevy Traverse that shuts itself off while driving it at slow or under 30 mph. Town driving. When this happens I have to come to a complete stop , put in park , apply brake & restart. When it restarts for just a few seconds it seems like it’s flooded & runs rough for a bit. In all 3 instances it stops again in less than a mile . It happened at about 1500 miles then again at 2820 & 4558 . After 1st time I took it back to dealer but had no error codes & they drove it for 3 days with no problem so tough to diagnose. I am just getting ready to take it back again but don’t have much faith that dealer is going to find anything. Any help will be appreciated. I enjoy reading your article in our Sunday paper.

Unfortunately, without any codes it makes it hard to diagnose. your best bet is the dealer and its under warranty.
but while it is there you can make sure this recall is done.
2023 Chevy Traverse Recalled For Half-Shaft Retaining Ring (gmauthority.com)

One idea, maybe it is a problematic ignition switch that turns on & off when the dangling keys swing back and forth. Try driving using only a single key, nothing dangling.

You may have to let the dealership keep the car for some time, perhaps 2-3 months, allowing one of their staff to use it as their daily driver. Don’t discount that method, as it may be the only semi-economical way for them to figure it out. If you have no personal budget constraints of course my guess, the shop will be more than happy to begin taking the car completely apart, hoping to eventually find out what’s wrong. Expect to be presented w/ a hefty fee for this service.

Your other recourses are to keep driving it, with the idea it eventually won’t restart, then tow it to the dealership. If they have it in their shop when it won’t start it should be a simple matter for them to figure out why.

There is one other clue: “seems like it is flooded” on restart suggests the sparking at the spark stopped before the fuel injectors stopped, indicating some sort of ignition system fault. First suspect is the electrical system in other words. First step, make sure the shop double-checks the battery and charging system and the battery connections at the posts. There are often high current rating fuses or fusible links near the battery post connections, and a quick visual check of those is also a good idea.

I’m sure Ray appreciates your compliment, but as far as I know he only replies in his column, not here. The folks who respond here are an assortment of knucklehead diy’ers, knowledgeable diy’ers, and pro-mechanics.

If you can, next time it does it, use your phone and record it to show to the dealer… you won’t catch it stalling, but you can show that you are on the side of the road and the miles and how it acts at 1st when starting back up…
But MAKE SURE the dealer is keeping a record of every time you take it in for the same issue, just incase you get into a lemon law situation… You have to be able to show it is the same issue and they can not fix/repair the issue…


Where do people hang their keys in modern cars?

True enough, but I expect folks owning key-less vehicles can figure that out for themselves.