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Loss Of Power

I was driving down the street and all of a sudden I loss my power to my engine.

I immediately if not sooner, shifted down to third gear and coming closer to the intersection light shifted down into second.

I started off from the lightin second,shifted to third another light.

Continued my driving to home. I haven’t driven it since and I know I have to take it to a shop for a look over.

Please advise? Oh, I almost forgot, there was a whirring noise too when I was driving it. Is it my alternator belt slipping and I need a fuel pump??

Thank you for your time!

Year of the trailblazer? Automatic or standard? Did you get full power back as you were driving home in third or did you still feel like you had low power. By low power do you mean the engine RPMs would not get up to where they usually are, or do you mean you had plenty of RPMs but had the feeling you couldn’t accelerate?

Is the check engine light on? If so, you can take it to most large auto parts stores and use their code reader to get the trouble codes. Even if the CEL is not on, there might be a stored code.

Some additional information would be really helpful, such as:

The model year and odometer mileage of this mystery Trailblazer
The maintenance history–in detail–of this vehicle
Whether it has a manual trans or an automatic trans

Hi there!
Thank you for the quick response!
Its’ a 2006, automatic transmission, four wheel drive vehicle.
Not full power but enought to get it home.
All lights on the dashboard are lighting up still when I start it up, but there is a whirring sound, as I understand it from someone else, I can drive it to a shop before it freezes up.I still could give it the gas and got it home. Please advise?

Thank you!