Check engine light. Still

My 2018 Chevy trax motor flux at stop sign n lights. Sometimes turns off 40,000 mile regular maintenance. Auto z fist said air filter changed. Not something frozen it says. Tract continues to struggle at stops.

Which means what?

Also, what is a “Tract”??

What say? Who says? What isn’t frozen?

You need to explain much better if you want some help.
And tell use more than “Chevy” about your vehicle.


and post the check engine light code that is still on.

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Doesn’t this vehicle have a 5/50000 warranty on the power train?


It does, unless of course, it has a salvage/rebuilt/restored title–which could explain all these electrical problems.

I expect OP is posting from a cell phone and its auto-correct is corrupting the post. I had that problem when posting here during the pandemic lock-down period, so I know all about it. If OP wants the knowledgeable car experts here to help, suggest to take more time w/their postings, so the vehicle’s make/model/year/engine is identified and the problem is clearly stated.

The 5 year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty generally will not cover drivability problems; sensors coils, sparkplugs etc. The powertrain warranty basically covers internal lubricated parts, seals, VVT solenoids, cylinder head etc.

Point being, unless the OP gets a proper diagnosis, he will not know if it is a covered part or not.