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Tahoe doesn't want to run sometimes

Our 2006 Chevy Tahoe will at times while running the speed limit (or slightly above) will suddenly without warning lose power. All the gauges remain in good ranges. This will happen without warning and not on a regular basis - sometimes going six months without happening and then happen three times within thirty minutes. The stability system warning message comes on as does the check engine light. Also the traction control warning light comes on. We can pull to the side of the road, turn the engine off for a few seconds and then it will start up again and run well with only the check engine light on. When this happens, the rpms will drop and go under 1500 and the engine will still be running, just without power. Any suggestions?

You need to pull the codes for the Check Engine light first The stabilty control system and the traction control system work with the engine management system. So if the Check Engine light comes on the other warning lights will come on. These systems are just warning you that they’re not going to function if there’s a problem with the engine management system.

Some parts stores will connect a code reader to your vehicle and pull any stored codes for the engine management system for free. That’s where I’d start.


Thanks. Will do