2015 Honda Odyssey shudders @ 40 mph

Odyssey just started shuttering, sputtering, shaking, vibrating,…whatever you want to call it, at around 40mph. I’ve seen MANY other owners complaining online on older models and there was even a class action suite but it seems they are still using the same transmissions with the same issue? I have about 140k miles. Havent taken it to shop yet.

The next time this happens, slightly step on the brake pedal while maintaining speed.

If it stops, it points to a problem with the lock-up torque converter of the transmission.


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They are not. The earlier models had the notorious H5 5 speed automatic transmission. Your 2015 model has the more reliable 6 speed automatic. That’s not to say it couldn’t be a transmission issue though. How many times has the transmission been serviced thus far?

2015 with 140K? That may have something to do with it (no sarcasm intended).

Otherwise, my similar problem was created by this winter’s barrage of potholes. My Odyssey has been close to perfect over the course of the past decade, but I recently developed the same issue as yours. My mechanic thought it might’ve been a bad tie rod, but has changed his opinion to the rack & pinion. Since that cost more to fix than the vehicle’s worth, I’m taking my time to resolve the issue, but it might be worth it for a 2015. I’d suggest taking it in for an estimate if you trust your mechanic.