2015 Honda Odyssey - Shudders

When car downshifts in response to slowing for a corner, on re-accelerating it shudders. Occasionally on a staightaway, the engine cuts to an idle, then comes back to speed when I wiggle the accelerator pedal.

How many miles on it? Has the transmission fluid ever been changed? Is there a check engine light on?

And… who is John Galt? I get the reference.

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Thanks for your interest. My name really is John Galt, as was my grandfather’s. I have read “Atlas Shrugged” in self-defense. My Odyssey has 128000 miles on it. The check engine light does not come on. The transmission is sealed so there is no dipstick so I can’t check the color of the transmission fluid, but the fluid has never been changed, either.

Based on that, John, I’d say the transmission could use a fluid change. It isn’t really sealed, there is a way to drain and change the fluid. There is a way to check the fluid, but it requires a hoist. If the transmission is on the way to a rebuild, the first step is to take a look at the fluid and what is in the pan.

Take it into a good independent shop. Stay away from chain places that have the philosophy; All Automatics Must Come Out.

Thanks for your suggestion. I checked with my independent mechanic who has treated me well over the past 15 years since I stopped going to the local Honda dealer for service. He assures me that the fluid didn’t look burned. His main problem right now is that there appears to be a shortage of rebuilt Honda transmissions for the more recent Odysseys because there are a lot of people like me with the same problem!

Yeah, the Odyssee is known for transmission problems. I thought they had them more or less fixed by '15

A problematic throttle position sensor is another possibility. If this vehicle uses the drive-by-wire throttle method, that stuff is a possible culprit too.

Thanks. I’ll ask about that possibility when I meet with the
transmission tech in two days for the test drive.