Honda Odyssey shudders briefly around 40mph

I have a 2003 Odyssey minivan that shudders when going through the speedzone of around 40mph. It does not occur when I put it in ‘3’ (so prevents transmission from selecting Overdrive), so I suspect it has something to do with shifting in to OD. We have replaced the engine mounts on this car.

Yes, it does sound like you are experiencing shudder from the torque converter’s lockup mechanism. On some makes, the fix could involve just the replacement of one of the electronic components on the outside of the trans case, but I don’t know if that applies to Honda transmissions.

What I do know is that, given the history of problems with the transmissions on V-6 Hondas of this vintage, this is something that should be checked-out a.s.a.p. by a transmission specialist.

DO NOT go to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain operation unless you want to be sold a more expensive repair than may actually be necessary. Instead, ask friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers for recommendations on an independent trans shop that has been in business for at least 3 years.

+1 for @VDCdriver.

There is the distinct possibility that the inner CV joint is going bad. If I gave my car any gas going up a hill there was a vibration. If I let off the vibration quit. It is hard for the mechanic to diagnose. I finally pulled a wheel of the side I thught was the problem. When I grabbed the inner CV joint, there was some minor play. There should be NO play. The other side was tight. I replaced the CV joint and the vibration quit. The dealer did not have a clue.

Listen to VDCdriver. This is an torque converter judder, and is a very common problem on these vehicles. It will require torque converter replacement, good luck in finding a competent trans shop, there are none around me. But look for an independent Honda specialist, you don’t need a trans specialist for this job.

Can you see a big rpm drop on tach to signify the trans is shifting from 3rd to 4th when this happens (600 rpm or so) or is the rpm drop only in the 200-300 rpm range? Some trans shift gears and apply TC lockup at different times. Throttle position, engine vac, engine temp, all can influence shifting points

Thank you for the comments. @Gary. Note that this problem does not occur when I inhibit overdrive, and it is not restricted to occurring when I am going up hill. It does not sound like the CV joint to me.

I will research Cavell’s question and get back with you.

@Cavell. There is not a big drop in the tacho when this occurs. So it sounds like the Torque Converter lockup is not occurring.

Is that something I can just live with for a while?

Have you had the transmission fluid serviced every 2 year/30,000 miles, whichever occurs first?