2002 Honda Odyssey has intermittent vibrating shudder

Our 2002 Honda Odyssey (158k miles) occasionally has a mild but definite shuddering/shake when I am going up a small grade. For example, I might be at a stop sign. Upon accelerating up a small grade (0 - 25 mph) the vehicle experiences a shuddering of some sort - hard to explain. It is not anything in the steering wheel - it is the vehicle itself. Not being a mechanic or anything, I want to say it almost feels as if the drive system is out of alignment and is vibrating until the moving parts align again. A broken engine mount??? It is front wheel drive - so no drive shaft and u-joints. CV Joints bad?

We’ve asked several mechanics - one a Honda certified technician - and nothing suspicious was found.
Any experience with this - or ideas – appreciated.
Its there - just not found yet.

I would suspect a broken engine mount, but presumably your mechanics have checked those.

If the shudder occurred at high speed, it could be a slipping torque converter or a clogged EGR valve, but since your shudder is at low speed, those wouldn’t apply.

I would suspect an inner CV joint problem. A vibration only on acceleration is exactly what you feel as it’s failing. On the outside chance that it is a torque converter issue, shift it out of final drive, D4 (unless it’s a 5 speed, I can’t remember) to D3 and see if it goes away. Look at the inner CV joints and see if they have lost grease, or if 1 has too much play internally.

These vans are notorious for bad transmissions. Could be something in the tranny, but these symptoms aren’t the classic bad tranny symptoms.

As an Odyssey owner, I’d bet on a motor mount. They go bad in these things. I think at least one of the motor mounts has a system of some sort in it that cancels vibrations at a certain RPM.

Four great posts and a nice short list of things to check – thanks to each of you for sharing your expertise.

I will check inner CV for leakage, use the shifter from D4 to D3 to see if it might be the tranny, and will do a visual (if that’s fairly safe and easy without a rack) on the mounts.

I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey with the same strange vibration when I step on the gas. It starts at around 30 to 45mph I took it in to Honda and they told me it needed trans fix. They don’t fix the trans they send it out. So I had the Trans fixed New overhaul kit w/filters , Exchange rebuilt torque converter, 2 clutch steel plates,and 7.5 quarts of trans fluid. I still have the rattle or vibration 2014.38. dollars later. Then I took it and had the timing belt replaced and a few other things that made sense to replace while it was open. Still have the same rattle. My monster car that I need cause it’s paid off and the only van that Seniors can climb in and out of safetly. Has a new ugly on top of the vibrating rattle. Brake lights and VSB light and a little wrench has lit up too. Someone forgot to tell my monster we have no more money to throw into it.AAAAAHHHHH! When this car finishes tormenting me I’m going to set it on fire. I don’t recomend this Honda to anyone. It is a money sock with a big whole in it.

Oh forgot to add that I just had the brakes done and the disk only 6 months ago at surf auto and my light is comming on is that normal ?

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