Van shakes while cruising 35 mph

Please tell me this isn’t the transmission. I only feel it when I’m trying to keep a steady speed with minimal presure on the accelerater. It feels like it’s struggling and it wants to downshift but it doesn’t.

I forgot to add specs- 2002 Honda Odyssey, 75K miles.

Its hard to say - but minivan transmissions - even the Hondas - often go right in that 70-90K range. But it could also be a problem with the engine (e.g. plugs, wires, filters) or a number of other things. What is the maintenance history of the vehicle like? (Plugs, wires, transmission servicing, filters, etc.)

Is your “check engine light” on? If so, having to codes read (done for free at many auto parts chains) would really help people say something useful. You can post the codes back up here (the actual code, like P0123 - not what someone said about it).

Isn’t 2002 in the range of problem Odyssey transmissions? I know I did several when at the Honda Dealer, some of the new replacement transmissions died on test drives, Oh well do it again.