2015 Ford Focus Transmission

My daughter bought a used 2015 Ford Focus. It has been a nightmare

It was repaired at a dealership as part of recall last summer. It had the same issues after a few weeks and was returned to dealership. It has been there since October waiting on a part

I wish she could get out from under this lemon. Does she have any recourse?

You need legal talk, not car talk.


She bought it used so I really doubt “lemon laws” apply. I imagine no warranty from seller. Wish she could get “out from under it”? About the only recourse I can see is sell it. Even then a scrap yard won’t give you much, maybe $200. Good luck.

The badly-flawed Dual Clutch automatic transmissions in these cars have been a known trouble spot since… probably… 2016. After dumping that car, I strongly suggest that you and your daughter carefully research the reliability of a specific model before purchasing it.


I think Ford already settled a class action suit for this problem. Best case is to wait out parts availability and then decide if you want to keep it after that. If you decide to sell it as is, you will take a loss for sure, however it is worth substantially more then salvage value.


Unlikely. Best course is probably to wait for part to arrive, or buy another car. Pretty common problem reported here during Covid era. Even Ray M’s son Alex (Ray M of Car Talk) has this same problem for his leased BMW.

Probably not. Im assuming she bought the car as is, where is.